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Each instance of this type represents an open document. More...

Import Statement: import BrickStore 1.0



Detailed Description

Note: The index paramter of the lot API is the index into the internal data structure and not related to any sorting or filtering in the visible document window.

Property Documentation

[read-only] currencyCode : string

The ISO currency code used in this document, e.g. EUR.

[read-only] fileName : string

The file name of this document. New and imported documents that have not been saved yet will not have fileName set.

[read-only] lotCount : string

The number of lots in this document.

[read-only] order : Order

An Order object or null, if this document is not a BrickLink order.

[read-only] title : string

The title of this document. Documents loaded from files do not have titles, but documents created from online imports do. A store import would have a title like Store import <date>.

Method Documentation

int lots.add(Item item, Color color)

Adds a new lot for the given item and color combination to the document. Returns the index of the newly created lot.

Lot index)

Returns the lot at the specified index.

lots.remove(Lot lot)

Removes the specified lot from the document.

lots.removeAt(int index)

Removes the lot at the specified index from the document.

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