Item QML Type

This value type represents a BrickLink item. More...

Import Statement: import BrickLink 1.0



Detailed Description

Each item in the BrickLink catalog is available as an Item object.

You cannot create Item objects yourself, but you can retrieve an Item object given the id via BrickLink::item().


Property Documentation

alternateIds : list<string>

Returns a list of all alternate BrickLink ids registered for this item.

[read-only] category : Category

The BrickLink category of this item.

[read-only] defaultColor : Color

Returns the default color used by BrickLink to display a large picture for this item.

[read-only] hasInventory : bool

Returns true if a valid inventory exists for this item, or false otherwise.

[read-only] id : int

The BrickLink id of this item.

[read-only] isNull : bool

Returns whether this Item is null. Since this type is a value wrapper around a C++ object, we cannot use the normal JavaScript null notation.

[read-only] itemType : ItemType

The BrickLink item type of this item.

[read-only] knownColors : list<Color>

Returns a list of Color objects, containing all the colors the item is known to exist in.

Note: An item might still exist in more colors than returned here: BrickStore is deriving this data by looking at all the known inventories and PCCs (part-color-codes).

[read-only] name : string

The BrickLink name of this item.

[read-only] weight : real

Returns the weight of this item in gram.

[read-only] yearReleased : date

Returns the year this item was first released.

Method Documentation

bool hasKnownColor(Color color)

Returns true if this item is known to exist in the given color, or false otherwise.

See also knownColors.

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