Picture QML Type

This value type represents a picture of a BrickLink item. More...

Import Statement: import BrickLink 1.0



Detailed Description

Each picture of an item in the BrickLink catalog is available as a Picture object.

You cannot create Picture objects yourself, but you can retrieve a Picture object given the item and color id via BrickLink::picture().

Note: Pictures aren't readily available, but need to be asynchronously loaded (or even downloaded) at runtime. You need to connect to the signal BrickLink::pictureUpdated() to know when the data has been loaded.

Property Documentation

[read-only] color : Color

The BrickLink color reference this picture is requested for.

[read-only] image : image

Returns the image if the Picture object isValid, or a null image otherwise.

[read-only] isNull : bool

Returns whether this Picture is null. Since this type is a value wrapper around a C++ object, we cannot use the normal JavaScript null notation.

[read-only] isValid : bool

Returns whether the image property currently holds a valid image.

[read-only] item : Item

The BrickLink item reference this picture is requested for.

[read-only] lastUpdated : date

Holds the time stamp of the last successful update of this picture.

[read-only] updateStatus : UpdateStatus

Returns the current update status. The available values are:

BrickLink.UpdateStatus.OkThe last picture load (or download) was successful.
BrickLink.UpdateStatus.LoadingBrickStore is currently loading the picture from the local cache.
BrickLink.UpdateStatus.UpdatingBrickStore is currently downloading the picture from BrickLink.
BrickLink.UpdateStatus.UpdateFailedThe last download from BrickLink failed. isValid might still be true, if there was a valid picture available before the failed update!

Method Documentation

update(bool highPriority = false)

Tries to re-download the picture from the BrickLink server. If you set highPriority to true the load/download request will be prepended to the work queue instead of appended.

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