All releases are built automatically on and can be downloaded from here:

GitHub release (latest by date)

BrickStore works on:

  • Windows (10 and 11, 64-bit only)
  • macOS (10.14 or newer)
  • Linux (Ubuntu 22.04, Arch, Distro independent AppImages)
  • Android (currently in beta test)
  • iOS (currently in beta test)

If you need more infomation on what to download and how to install it, then head over to the installation instructions.

Documentation on building from source is also available, in case you want to (or need to) compile BrickStore yourself.

If you are stuck on macOS 10.13 or Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 or a 32bit Windows, a final 2022.4.3 legacy release is available for you here:

GitHub legacy release

Development builds are created automatically for every commit to the git repository, but they are only accessible if you are logged into your GitHub account (this is a GitHub restriction).