BrickStore can easily be built from source. Its only dependency is Qt:

  • for the commits until and including the tag v2022.4.1, the only supported version is Qt 5.15.2
  • for the commits after the tag v2022.4.1, the minimum supported version is Qt 6.2.4, but 6.4.2 is recommended

Getting Qt


The easiest way to get a Qt SDK, is to use Qt's online installer that will install everything you need: Get it from (scroll way down to Download the Qt Online Installer).

  • When selecting the components, make sure to enable Qt Quick 3D, Qt Multimedia and Qt Image Formats under Additional Libraries, if you want to build a Qt 6 based version.
  • MingW on Windows is untested - please use the compiler from MSVC 2019 or 2022. If you still want to use MingW, be my guest and create a pull request if you get it running!

Dependencies on Windows

When building on Windows, you need two additional pieces of software:

  1. InnoSetup 6, installed to the default location: download here
  2. OpenSSL libraries, ONLY needed for Qt 5.15 based builds: install the Win32/Win64 1.1 "Light" variant from SLProWeb download here

Qt from Linux package repos

You can of course also compile against your system's Qt version to get nicer themeing integration. The needed packages for Debian and Ubuntu are:

  sudo apt install build-essential cmake ninja-build \
      libglvnd-dev libtbb-dev \
      qt6-tools-dev qt6-tools-dev-tools \
      qt6-l10n-tools qt6-documentation-tools \
      qt6-base-dev qt6-base-private-dev qt6-base-dev-tools \
      qt6-declarative-dev qt6-declarative-private-dev \
      qt6-quick3d-dev qt6-quick3d-dev-tools libqt6shadertools6-dev \
      qt6-gtk-platformtheme qt6-qpa-plugins

If something is missing, then have a look at the GitHub build action which always has the latest dependencies (look for BRICKSTORE_QT6_MODULES right at the top).


Either use Qt's Creator IDE (you got this automatically when installing an SDK) or stick to the command line:

  • In Creator, just open CMakeLists.txt, assign a Qt version to the project, then first hit the Build (Ctrl-B) and then afterwards the Run (Ctrl-R) button.
  • On the command line, cd to the BrickStore sources, then run ./configure && cmake --build .. If you want to build against a specific Qt version, you can set the path to that Qt installation's qmake executable via ./configure --qmake /path/to/qmake. After building, for Linux and Windows the binary is available in the bin sub-directory. Android, iOS and macOS bundles are directly created in the build directory.