Script QML Type

The root element of any BrickStore extension file. More...

Import Statement: import BrickStore 1.0


Detailed Description

The Script type is root element for any extension. The name, author and version properties are optional meta-data that should make it easier to manage extensions.

There are currently two different types of extensions: UI extensions and print scripts. Any extension file can implement one or multiple types, although is practice is probably doesn't make too much sense to mix an UI extension implementation with a printing script.

Print scripts have to add one or more PrintingScriptAction child elements to implement the actual printing.

UI extensions have to add one or more ExtensionScriptAction child elements to create hooks into BrickStore's main UI.

Property Documentation

author : string

(Optional) The author's name and/or contact details.

name : string

(Optional) The name of this extension. This string is not user visible, but should correspond to the author's preferred file name (without the .bs.qml extension).

version : string

(Optional) A version string for this script.

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