BrickStore Extension Installation

BrickStore can be extended via JavaScript/QML based extensions.

Click for a full list of all available extension in the BrickStore repository.

Although the BrickStore repository itself already contains a few user provided scripts, only these scripts are bundled in an official BrickStore release.


All others are provided by users to be shared with others. In order to install them on your system, first download them by clicking on the script you want to download, then on the script's page, right-click Raw on the top-right of the scripts source code and choose Save Link as... (or your browser's equivalent).

Of course, scripts can also simply be shared between users via any other means!

After downloading, you need to copy the script to where BrickStore can pick it up:

Windows%APPDATA%\BrickStore\extensions (copy) In Explorer click the folder icon or the empty space in the address bar. (paste)
macOS~/Library/Application Support/BrickStore/extensions (copy) In Finder, choose Go > Go to Folder. (paste)
Linux~/.local/share/BrickStore/extensions (copy) In Files or Dolphin, press Ctrl+L. (paste)

BrickStore will now pick up all the scripts it finds in these directories when starting up. You can also dynamically reload the scripts while it is running via Extras > Reload user scripts.

If your script doesn't show up in the Extras (or context) menu, then most likely it has JavaScript syntax errors. Enable the Error log via the View > View info docks menu.

Note: All script files have to have the file extensions .bs.qml

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